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Vauxhall Trade Club's Mission

Vauxhall Trade Club members have access to an enormous range of Vauxhall parts at special trade prices. Their friendly and knowledgeable Parts Teams provide high service standards and levels of expertise, ensuring their customers get the parts they need, when they need them. Their network of over 70 Trade Parts Centres are on hand to help customers find the right parts to complete each job quickly, easily and cost effectively.

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A nationwide network of Trade Parts expertise

The network of over 70 Trade Parts Centres located throughout England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales can always be relied on to provide high service standards and levels of expertise, and support. Supplying parts direct from the manufacturer, we strive to ensure Vauxhall customers are completely satisfied with their vehicles during the course of their ownership. Our network of Trade Parts Centres are always happy to help Trade Club members find the right parts to complete each job quickly and easily. They also offer Members the opportunity to access advanced technical data for more complex queries to ensure jobs can always be completed fully and efficiently.

Vauxhall Parts Teams strive to make sure that their customers get the parts they need, when they need them, with efficient local daily delivery services and in many cases an express delivery service. Coupled with a huge range of Vauxhall approved parts on-site, Trade Parts Centres have access to national stock, if needed, so customers can be confident the part required will be delivered without delay, to ensure their customers can get back on the road quickly.


Case Study:

Taking over the running of the UK’s original Trade Club


Historically Vauxhall Trade Club used multiple agencies to deliver the various elements of the programme. This resulted in a fragmented approach to the market place. As with any business, communication both internally and externally is a key area. With multiple agencies involved, working independently of each other, the communication structure was not in place, to realise the bigger picture meaning the programme objectives and overarching messages became confused and disconnected. This disjointed approach lead Vauxhall to seek an alternative solution to bring together the management of Trade Club under one roof to improve and align all aspects of the programme.


Bluegrasscoms tendered to manage all aspects of Vauxhall Trade Club and were successful in winning the contract, commencing the exciting project in January 2015. As an agency that specialises in a variety of areas, including telesales, data management and reporting, marketing and web development, we were able to offer a fully functional and integrated solution to run the Vauxhall Trade Club. Managing all aspects of the programme ensures that everything flows smoothly from concept to delivery. We provide an administration team to control data and reporting to the VTC network to ensure that all figures are accurate and consistent. Our specialist product team establish key product lines to be promoted and suggest pricing point and marketing strategy. Specialising in trade and B2B, the marketing department manage and control all VTC promotional output ensuring the delivery of consistent and professional messaging, via print, digital and point of sale communications. Our internal telesales team support the VTC Retailers in their sales function – targeting customer databases with product focused campaigns to drive sales throughout the network. We also provide a member of staff at Vauxhall head office, providing a smooth line of communication between Vauxhall and Bluegrasscoms. Furthermore we have successfully modernised all procedures and moved a lot of functionality online.


A complete rebranding of VTC took place.

  All marketing activity
  New website constructed
  CRM system built and launched to enforce data control throughout the network
  Mobile App built and launched for the Trade Parts Centre Reps to manage and monitor the performance and feedback all results to the CRM system
  Rebranding of all marketing material and merchandise to ensure brand consistency throughout everything that is delivered
  Standardisation of all reporting output
  Marketing portal designed and built to allow all Retailers to independently design their own promotions, within the constraints of Vauxhall corporate identity

Our full trade solution has had an effect on many areas of the business. Vauxhall’s Trade Channel Manager now does not need to chase or remember which agency each project is sitting with as he has one point of contact for everything. Sales have increased dramatically due to a more focused approach, pushing the Retailers to make calls backed up by our own internal sales team driving results together. Taking a lot of process online has increased productivity allowing Retailers to spend their time more productively focusing on their customers and sales channels. Overall this has proven to be a huge success and has been seen as a big success by Vauxhall UK. "Bluegrasscoms was a bold decision for us to make and I admit I was nervous. However, we knew we needed to change radically to move the programme on. They have been great, they are constantly improving the programme with new ideas that are fresh. They are very engaged with our network and it is really refreshing to get positive feedback rather than the usual moaning that goes on."

Richard Fowler, Trade Channel Manager, Vauxhall

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