Bluegrasscoms Ltd.

Company Timeline

Growing to help you grow.


Bluegrasscoms is founded

The company is established to provide a range of innovative services to the automotive industry.

Read more July 2008

Citroën Trade Club

Citroën’s parts support organisation is the first customer to introduce Bluegrasscoms services.

Read more July 2008

Citroën call centre

Bluegrasscoms starts the operation of a call centre to handle Citroën’s national accounts.

Read more November 2009

Bluegrasscoms moves office

A change of location to a site with expansion potential is made in response to growing demand for Bluegrasscoms services.

Read more February 2010

Nationwide Crash Repair Centres

Under a national deal with Nationwide, the Bluegrasscoms call centre begins handling all contact and orders.

Read more February 2011


Bluegrasscoms secures a national deal with Belron covering the supply of windscreens.

Read more June 2011

Apprentices welcome

Bluegrasscoms signs up to the government’s Apprenticeship Scheme initiative.

Read more June 2012

Trade Part Specialists RAC contract

Bluegrasscoms signs a contract with the RAC and the Volkswagen Group’s Trade Part Specialists division.

Read more September 2012

VISION is born

Development work begins on the Vision concept to create an advanced application designed to generate increased sales for vehicle manufacturers in the aftermarket, and to provide market intelligence.

Read more October 2012

RAC garage network

The company designs and implements a network covering 650 garages for the RAC.

Read more January 2013

VISION becomes reality

VISION goes 'live' on behalf of Peugeot-Citroën, initially with 25 bodyshops.

Read more April 2013

PSA Trade Club

Bluegrasscoms launches the Peugeot-Citroën Trade Club, encompassing 181 active dealers and 9,337 customers.

Read more May 2013

Vauxhall contract

The company negotiates a deal with Vauxhall to manage the manufacturer’s national accounts.

Read more June 2013

Ford Event

Handling the calls for a Ford promotional event, Bluegrasscoms secures 34 car sales in one weekend.

Read more September 2013

Renault Vision Trial

Bluegrasscoms launches the VISION system with Renault, initially installed at 20 sites.

Read more October 2013

Vauxhall TLA

Vauxhall launch TLA programme with use of the Vision system.

Read more March 2014

TPS lapsed customers

TPS commence telesales operation on lapsed customers using the Bluegrass call centre.

Read more April 2014

Vauxhall account handling

Vauxhall UK in conjunction with Bluegrasscoms National account team start centrally controlled account handling.

Read more May 2014

Renault Telesales

Renault UK launch telesales programme to target under performing IMT’s.

Read more June 2014

Vauxhall Oil Promotion

Bluegrasscoms commence telesales to over 6,000 IMT’s for Vauxhall UK to assist in their National Oil promotion.

Read more July 2014

Nissan TLA

Nissan UK launches TLA Trial using the Vision system.

Read more August 2014

Vauxhall Trade Club

Bluegrasscoms were successful in our tender to takeover the running of Vauxhall Trade Club, commencing January 2015.

Read more November 2014

Living Wage

Bluegrasscoms became an accredited UK Living Wage Employer.

Read more March 2015

Head Office

Moved into our new Head Office. This modern 2-storey office building is located just outside Newbury.

Read more May 2015