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The following feedback was kindly provided by our partners:

Richard Fowler - Trade Channel Manager,

“We needed to change radically to move the programme on. Bluegrasscoms have been great, they are constantly improving the programme with new ideas that are fresh. They are very engaged with our network and it is really refreshing to get positive feedback rather than the usual moaning that goes on.”

Adam Miller - TPS National Sales Manager,
Volkswagen Group UK

"We initially used Bluegrass’s telemarketing to support some of our growth aspirations in our largest national accounts. While we had signed agreements with HO before the telemarketing it was very difficult to gain traction at a local level and ensure our network were making the correct contact. When they worked with a roadside assistance provider they made calls outside of normal business hours and set up within 48 hours an ordering portal for customer use which overcame a number of competitor advantages and accelerated our sales overnight! Additionally they are now undertaking outbound sales calls on behalf of specific Centres in our network. The growth in customers sets that the exclusive calls have increased consistently and outperformed the network by in excess 30%. Importantly for us it guarantees customer contact and the verbatim feedback, cross referenced against NPS scores, allows our regional team to rectify any SLA"

Andrew Ainslie - Sales & Marketing Manager,
Aldridge Accident Repair Centre

"Use of Bluegrasscoms Vision system has been straightforward. Cross manufacturer pricing is good helping us to achieve an improved parts margin overall, coupled with no parts delivery delays assisting greatly in workflow through the shop. The total loss avoidance process is easy and painless resulting in a number of 'repairable jobs' secured. The enthusiasm of everyone we speak to is refreshing, we’ll certainly continue using Vision!"

Mark Harris - B2B Manager,
Renault UK

"Vision has shown us a huge potential for growth within the crash repair market. It is now providing us with a fully automated Total Loss Avoidance and parts intervention programme which we are currently rolling out throughout our entire network. We are already experiencing significant growth in parts sales through the use of Vision."

Danny Flowers - Business Development and
Engineering Manager - Highcross Autoservices Ltd

"Our partnership with Bluegrasscoms aimed to support Highcross with our commitment to reducing the number of Total Loss claims amongst our client’s vehicles, to date this appears to have been successful with the number of cat C & D cases greatly reduced and the vehicles returned to the road. As an organisation we pride ourselves on the level of service we provide to our clients specifically in relation to claim turnaround times, Bluegrasscoms complement this service offering well, on average responding to our referrals within a few hours making Total Loss Avoidance a simple and effective solution. I am confident that the team at Bluegrasscoms will continue to deliver the results we expect at the service levels we have come to enjoy."

Chris Browne - Body Shop Manager -
East Bilney Coachworks (Great Yarmouth)

"Here at East Bilney Coachworks in Great Yarmouth we have utilised the Bluegrasscoms Scheme saving many vehicles from being written off. We have always found Bluegrasscoms to be very helpful in helping us with extra write off avoidance parts discount so we can save vehicles and keep our customers happy. Bluegrasscoms are always very quick to respond and have made sure we have a great working relationship constantly liaising with our VDA Joe O’ Dwyer."