Bluegrasscoms Ltd.

About Us

The essence of our business is to add value to yours.

Helping Your Business Grow

Bluegrasscoms mission statement:
To communicate, innovate and increase revenues for our clients ensuring we remember work, like life, should be an exceptional experience for all.

Generating revenue and streamlining key operations for our clients is what Bluegrasscoms is renowned for. Leveraging our expertise and experience, the company has demonstrated the ability to unlock additional sales and new markets in many areas. Innovative concepts, such as the Bluegrasscoms VISION system, are significantly increasing sales by allowing companies to target sectors in which they previously had little penetration.

Furthermore, outsourcing key operations to Bluegrasscoms has improved efficiency for many clients too. Our ability to establish and operate a range of services – such as parts-ordering systems, client databases and sales campaigns – has enhanced efficiency for our clients and driven down their costs. As well as providing long-term services on a nationwide basis, Bluegrasscoms has the flexibility to implement short-term campaigns, and to scale those operations to the needs and budgets of its clients.


Although Bluegrasscoms was only established in 2008, the company was founded on a firm base of experience and great expertise in the automotive industry, particularly in the aftersales arena. From that experience comes a deep and innate understanding of the marketplace, allowing the company to tailor its services and solutions to match the requirements of its clients.

Being acquired by OEConnection in 2018 is evidence of the success enjoyed by Bluegrasscoms and this success, we believe, is down to the ability, drive and expertise in our given field – parts marketing and sales.

Though part of a Global Company, we remain an entrepreneurial entity driven to be the best we can within our chosen market sector.

We are the fastest growing company in our arena in the UK for the last 4 years. The growth has been possible through the recognition from our customers, and the market, that we are a company for the long term.